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About Strangers

Created by Peabody Award-winner, Lea Thau, Strangers quickly became a hit when launched in late 2011. The podcast featured extraordinary stories from ordinary people and connected with audiences around the globe. Over time, Lea began sharing aspects of her own story and forged an even deeper bond with her listeners through her vulnerable and groundbreaking storytelling. Then, in 2017, she hit a burn-out wall and put the show on hiatus.

Now, for the fist time in five years, she's back with a new season, where she dives deeper into her own story and interviews people from her past about whether she's telling the truth. 

During her hiatus, Lea started building a small community on Patreon, fulfilling a longtime dream to create not just a podcast called Strangers, but a community around it of strangers-no-more, or as one member put it, "strangers:friends." This community has now moved to Supercast and is opening its doors to new people – like you. ❤️
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